Iconic retail

For a retail store to acquire ‘instant icon’ status in the minds of information-rich and time-poor consumers, it needs to possess a ‘special something’ that sets it apart from the competition. This special something can take the form of an unforgettable interior design solution, fantastic visual merchandising, a bold and creative architectural treatment or a […]

Instant icons are remarkable retail drivers

From being perishable details supporting the mighty brand, products are regaining position as the substance behind the brand promise and drivers of long-term consumer interest. The global push for increased consumption has for years meant reducing product life to promote fast replacement and has lowered quality to achieve lower cost and fast repurchase. This development […]

The sincere salesman

Does the combination of selling and sincerity grate on the ear? Then it ?s because you have met too many of so called super sales men who hold the pistol to the head of the customer, giving you an offer you can ?t refuse. He changes jobs eternally and his customers never come back. Including a […]

What women want

Freud gave it a try and Faith Popcorn got the business framework right 10 years ago! Female consumers all over the world are still waiting for the facts of womenomics to influence products and retailing. It ?s time to move from why to how. Including 8 myths of marketing to women by Amanda Stevens from Splash […]

The power of fun – Desigual

Lots of companies claim that having fun while steamrolling the competition is part of their corporate culture, but why is it that the result too often turns out to be rather similar to the rest and too serious in a boring or even intimidating way from a consumer’s point of view? In Desigual, the colourful […]

Retailing the Nordic Food potential

The 26th April 2010 Restaurant Magazine London nominated NOMA in Copenhagen the best restaurant in the world. The gourmets of the globe have been there and the seven-year old Nordic Food temple has proved to be a lasting star. The story of how Nordic Food was rediscovered has spread to the best chefs, food writers […]