Hire for passion. Train for skills.

Not just the creativity, but also the contradictions compared to “business as usual” seem uncompromising in the rebellious and rapidly growing Acne. Mattias Magnusson, who meets Detail on Retail, does not look like a CEO with a business school background, but he is. He is heading a fashion company, but aiming to reform the way a […]

No man is a shopping trolley

Unfortunately, ordinary courtesy is no longer the ordinary. isn’t it time we revisited the virtues of decent behaviour? Why do we not give others the same attention that we ourselves crave so badly? How can business people discuss in earnest “consumer closeness and creating communities”, when the majority of the employees they hire to serve […]

The sincere salesman

Does the combination of selling and sincerity grate on the ear? Then it ?s because you have met too many of so called super sales men who hold the pistol to the head of the customer, giving you an offer you can ?t refuse. He changes jobs eternally and his customers never come back. Including a […]