All together now

For years customers as well as brands in mass consuming societies have focused on individual uniqueness as the one quest and meaning. In the years to come main focus for consumers as well as brands and their retail efforts move from bowling alone to communities, the common good, long lasting quality, renting, sharing, sustainability and […]


As legislation tightens its grip on the tobacco industry the World’s No.1 cigar brand Davidoff changes it’s branding and retail strategy with stronger focus on customers’ experience with flagship stores, luxury lounges and vintage cigars. By Peter Horn Source: Detail on Retail 8 pages. Publication date: Sep, 2011. Format: English PDF Theme: Case Copyright Permission […]

The Female Benchmark – chapter one: “Q8”

This case-interview is the first time the Q8-project is illuminated in all its details. There are loads of interesting experiences showing how insight in and interaction with female customers can fuel innovation, quality, communication and common sense – for the benefit of all customers.   By Helle Katholm Knutsen & Mette Reinhardt Jakobsen Source: Detail […]

Why don’t you stay a little bit longer

n 1997 ailing discount chain Fakta, owned by Danish retail giant Coop, had a fiery- red bottom line. The customers stayed away. The employees fled. The stores were worn down. The chain’s overall reputation was at rock bottom. When CEO Claus Jensen left the company 10 years later, he and the dedicated people around him, including […]

Retail Horizons

Five phenomena that will change retail in the years to come: the store’s scale up; cosmopolite retail vs. local retail; the post-industrial (and post-commercial) retail; the hybrid retail; the “retail of uniqueness”. All of them are not temporary trends, indeed, they represent structural changes originating either from new needs in society or from new technology. […]

Extremely specialized or incredible spacious

One core product or a multitude of choice limited only by the concept of passionate eating. No matter if you go for the narrow or the broader product strategy, retailing makes the difference. Two young, successful concepts lead the way: One born in London, the other in Hamburg. Both growing.   by Helle Katholm Knutsen […]

The power of fun – Desigual

Lots of companies claim that having fun while steamrolling the competition is part of their corporate culture, but why is it that the result too often turns out to be rather similar to the rest and too serious in a boring or even intimidating way from a consumer’s point of view? In Desigual, the colourful […]