Multi-channel distribution

With the growth of digital channels, opportunities for making contact with the final consumer have grown exponentially. When going from a mono-retail, mono-channel environment to a multi-retail, multi-channel one, managerial complexities mount up, and leaving the related complexities to fester could cause conflicts between the diverse channels, damaging the brand equity, customer satisfaction and, consequently, […]

A tool guide to quality locations

Authentic retailers have an ability to always find the right location for their stores, which is why they continue to grow and are considered truly successful. Choosing the right location is without a doubt one of the most important elements in a retail strategy, because it affects long-term brand building and business and it is […]

Luxury retail temples in the 21st century

One of Asia’s most talked about buildings, The International Commerce Centre (ICC) in Hong Kong. It integrates its retail and dining environment with 700,000 square feet of landscaped garden on a roof deck, and features an ‘Indoor Boulevard’ of double-storey shops. It’s time that malls starts re-thinking their presentation.   by Sanne Deroo Source: Detail on […]

New bricks in the Mall

Despite the gloomy outlook, opportunity exists to reinvigorate the mall scene with resourceful solutions that bring communities together, provide creative outlets and fuse commerce with art and social awareness.   by Mandy Saven Source: Detail on Retail 3 pages. Publication date: Dec, 2010. Format: English PDF Theme: Distribution Copyright Permission can be purchased by contacting: […]