Storm. A shop in the world!

His name is Storm. His shop, the platform and lighthouse from which he exposes his visions to the world, is Storm; a live magazine you can browse through. His passion for perfection and for growing his exquisite global network puts him under constant self-inflicted pressure. His business partner, best friend, and wife, Line, protects him.   by Helle […]

Storgasm revisited

A couple of years ago, retail and trend expert Anthony Aconis set out on a world tour to explore and personally experience where the shopping phenomenon was heading. The result was Storgasm; “Eight global trends defining shopping today and tomorrow”. Here’s an executive summary followed by an interview, disclosing why trends are more potent than ever. […]


In a not too far away future we will be morphing between carbon and bytes, we will be super users of digital services, we will be multi-dimensional and non-local, we will have a sea of floating digital representations and be fascinated by authenticity and humanity. Retailers will need to re-think how they position themselves outside their stores. […]

What women want

Freud gave it a try and Faith Popcorn got the business framework right 10 years ago! Female consumers all over the world are still waiting for the facts of womenomics to influence products and retailing. It ?s time to move from why to how. Including 8 myths of marketing to women by Amanda Stevens from Splash […]