Cultural Intelligence and Stone Age brains

Research shows that companies can increase their innovative level considerably by hiring people from different cultures. This research, however, does not show the complications caused by mixing a multitude of cultures or by taking brands to markets with totally different culture codes.   by Dennis Nørmark, Heidi Andersen and Helle Katholm Knutsen Source: Detail on […]

Retailing health potential

How are consumers going to shop for health- products, services and experiences in the future? Who can select the components? Who possesses the credibility? Who can combine credible care and convenience? We decided to ask a doctor, a spa owner and a future archaeologist to tell us what they see and imagine. The ideas are yours […]

Retailing the Nordic Food potential

The 26th April 2010 Restaurant Magazine London nominated NOMA in Copenhagen the best restaurant in the world. The gourmets of the globe have been there and the seven-year old Nordic Food temple has proved to be a lasting star. The story of how Nordic Food was rediscovered has spread to the best chefs, food writers […]