Instant icons are remarkable retail drivers

From being perishable details supporting the mighty brand, products are regaining position as the substance behind the brand promise and drivers of long-term consumer interest. The global push for increased consumption has for years meant reducing product life to promote fast replacement and has lowered quality to achieve lower cost and fast repurchase. This development is not going to stop. No doubt, fast fashion retailing is moving beyond the apparel sector and becoming a dominant business model – but the Tiffany/Wallmart phenomena is still going strong, and consumers are picking the fast as well as the slow, sustainable option. Products with iconic qualities are built to last for generations, but because they are both cool and complicated, they generate global interest in no time.


by Helle Katholm Knutsen
Source: Detail on Retail
11 pages. Publication date: Dec, 2010.
Format: English PDF
Theme: Product
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