Business is more than ever an act of balance

The Bocconi University in Milano is one of Europe ?s top business schools and a highly respected global source when it comes to research within luxury, fashion, experience, design and retailing in mature as well as new markets. Detail on Retail went to Milan to talk to four professors about the changing business and retailing […]


In a not too far away future we will be morphing between carbon and bytes, we will be super users of digital services, we will be multi-dimensional and non-local, we will have a sea of floating digital representations and be fascinated by authenticity and humanity. Retailers will need to re-think how they position themselves outside their stores. […]

New bricks in the Mall

Despite the gloomy outlook, opportunity exists to reinvigorate the mall scene with resourceful solutions that bring communities together, provide creative outlets and fuse commerce with art and social awareness.   by Mandy Saven Source: Detail on Retail 3 pages. Publication date: Dec, 2010. Format: English PDF Theme: Distribution Copyright Permission can be purchased by contacting: […]

Luxury retail temples in the 21st century

One of Asia’s most talked about buildings, The International Commerce Centre (ICC) in Hong Kong. It integrates its retail and dining environment with 700,000 square feet of landscaped garden on a roof deck, and features an ‘Indoor Boulevard’ of double-storey shops. It’s time that malls starts re-thinking their presentation.   by Sanne Deroo Source: Detail on […]

Line extension unlimited

Product line extension is the use of an established product’s brand name for additional items in the same category. Think about new flavours, forms, colours, added ingredients, new packaging. This is opposed to brand extension, which is a new product in a totally new and different product category. Meet a 50-year-old handball sneaker, kicking a […]

Do you need more traffic?

Not more than a decade ago companies that wanted to sell a product would contact a marketing agency, pay them excessively for a campaign and then wait for customers to come into their shop, tearing the discounted products off the shelves. There are many brands that still employ this model today and to a certain […]