Retail Horizons

Five phenomena that will change retail in the years to come: the store’s scale up; cosmopolite retail vs. local retail; the post-industrial (and post-commercial) retail; the hybrid retail; the “retail of uniqueness”. All of them are not temporary trends, indeed, they represent structural changes originating either from new needs in society or from new technology.   by Davide... Read More

Hire for passion. Train for skills.

Not just the creativity, but also the contradictions compared to “business as usual” seem uncompromising in the rebellious and rapidly growing Acne. Mattias Magnusson, who meets Detail on Retail, does not look like a CEO with a business school background, but he is. He is heading a fashion company, but aiming to reform the way a global fashion house can be built and work.   by... Read More

Multi-channel distribution

With the growth of digital channels, opportunities for making contact with the final consumer have grown exponentially. When going from a mono-retail, mono-channel environment to a multi-retail, multi-channel one, managerial complexities mount up, and leaving the related complexities to fester could cause conflicts between the diverse channels, damaging the brand equity, customer satisfaction and, consequently, the company’s performance!   by... Read More

Storm. A shop in the world!

His name is Storm. His shop, the platform and lighthouse from which he exposes his visions to the world, is Storm; a live magazine you can browse through. His passion for perfection and for growing his exquisite global network puts him under constant self-inflicted pressure. His business partner, best friend, and wife, Line, protects him.   by Helle Katholm Knutsen Source:... Read More

Cultural Intelligence and Stone Age brains

Research shows that companies can increase their innovative level considerably by hiring people from different cultures. This research, however, does not show the complications caused by mixing a multitude of cultures or by taking brands to markets with totally different culture codes.   by Dennis Nørmark, Heidi Andersen and Helle Katholm Knutsen Source: Detail on Retail 9 pages.... Read More

Storgasm revisited

A couple of years ago, retail and trend expert Anthony Aconis set out on a world tour to explore and personally experience where the shopping phenomenon was heading. The result was Storgasm; “Eight global trends defining shopping today and tomorrow”. Here’s an executive summary followed by an interview, disclosing why trends are more potent than ever.   by Helle Katholm... Read More

The front-end retail engine room

You can find many advanced studies on how to design a sales-focused retail performance management system. Here is a simple one that works. What you want is: (1) Facts instead of feelings; (2)  Ways of identifying best practice stores and behaviors and (3) Data for improved decision making and investments in product mix and sales campaigns.   by Peter Bur Andersen and Thomas... Read More

A tool guide to quality locations

Authentic retailers have an ability to always find the right location for their stores, which is why they continue to grow and are considered truly successful. Choosing the right location is without a doubt one of the most important elements in a retail strategy, because it affects long-term brand building and business and it is extremely capital intensive.   by Peter Bur Andersen Source:... Read More

Retailing health potential

How are consumers going to shop for health- products, services and experiences in the future? Who can select the components? Who possesses the credibility? Who can combine credible care and convenience? We decided to ask a doctor, a spa owner and a future archaeologist to tell us what they see and imagine. The ideas are yours to further explore and exploit as you please.   by... Read More

Keep your complaining customers

Ricky Wilke, Ph. D, Copenhagen Business School, has conducted comprehensive research for The Nordic Council of Ministers on how retail companies manage complaints. In addition, he recently investigated customer experiences in terms of complaint management. The findings are remarkable and unveil an extremely interesting business potential for companies open to criticism and for those, appreciating fuel for user-based innovation.   by... Read More

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